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Firm Profile

Holmden Horrocks is a 6 partner general practice law firm, founded in 1933. Our highly experienced and capable team provides advice across a wide legal spectrum. We value our longstanding clients and welcome new clients.

With a considerable history to draw upon, our firm is well regarded for offering our clients comprehensive and professional services for personal and business related matters. Our expertise includes all areas of commercial and private property, commercial law, trusts, estates, litigation and dispute resolution, relationship property, and intellectual property.

We aim to provide our clients with resourceful and practical legal advice and services to help meet their objectives and expectations in a manner which is timely and efficient, yet also comprehensive. We utilise our knowledge, experience and qualifications to work with our clients so they can achieve their goals.

This website contains further details about our services and our personnel. If you have any legal queries or problems that we can help with, please contact us, or send us an email at holmden@holmdenhorrocks.co.nz.