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Our newest Solicitor, Mina Kiryakos

Nov. 2021

Mina joined Holmden Horrocks last year first as a law clerk, and then as a solicitor after being admitted to the bar in October. Mina is from Iraq, moving with her family to New Zealand in 1996 when she was approximately 2 years old. She has lived in Auckland on the North Shore ever since, studying law in Auckland at AUT and graduating in 2019 with a Bachelor of Laws (Honours).

During her degree, Mina focused on Property, Commercial, and Criminal law in which was a great intro to the Property and Commercial team at Holmden Horrocks. We asked one of our staff solicitors to quiz Mina on the meaning of life.

Three serious questions for Mina:

Why did you pick law initially at University?

"I found the law intellectually challenging, the course work was interesting, and a law degree has the potential to open up a range of career opportunities. As time progressed, I found it to be a rewarding profession with the potential to help people of all backgrounds."

What is your favourite thing so far about working as a lawyer?

"Having the ability to interact with clients and helping achieve their desired outcome. It's great knowing that you have assisted them in what can often be a very big change in their life."

What is something you have realised about the practice of law that you were not prepared for at University?

"Law school was great intellectually, but it wasn't always the most practical. The scenarios and case studies did not appear to have any real world impact. An important realisation I had early on is that the decisions we make in practice effect real people and the gravity of that shouldn't be taken lightly."

Three extremely serious questions for Mina:

If you were trapped in the Warehouse overnight, would you rather be trapped with a Silverback Gorilla or a Komodo Dragon (no pressure, but I consider that there is a right answer to this question)

"A Silverback Gorilla, they are highly intelligent and are for the most part peaceful unless threatened. They also don't have serrated teeth or poisonous venom."[1]

If you could live in one fantasy literary universe (ie, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, the universe in Friends where a waitress can afford to rent a sizeable New York apartment) what would it be and why?

"Harry Potter, where I am a witch who creates a spell that allows you to live in any fantasy universe you desire for any period of time."

What is your favourite food, and do you like it enough to eat it every day for every meal for two years for $2 million dollars (you could buy a converted portaloo in sunny Grey Lynn with that kind of money!)

"Pizza and I would gladly eat it every day for every meal for two years, where do I sign up to get my 2 million dollars?"

[1] Editor's note: This is in fact the correct answer.

Interviewed by Julia Holden (Litigation Junior)