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Sean Lennon - our recently appointed Takapuna Associate

Feb. 2021


We profile Sean Lennon, who is an associate at our Takapuna office and joined our practice in June 2020. Prior to his legal career, Sean worked in hospitality management and later sales and marketing before returning to study at Waikato University, graduating in 2014 with qualifications in both law and business. Sean has worked in several firms prior to joining us at Holmden Horrocks and has experience in Immigration law as well as other areas of general practice, including Property, Elder and Commercial law.

Sean has also travelled extensively, including through China, South East Asia and Europe.

Three Serious Questions for Sean

What motivated you to make the pivot to law?

"The idea of law has always intrigued me, and how it affects our everyday life. I enjoy meeting people and resolving difficult issues."

How do you think your previous experience in other industries has helped you in your legal career?

"Prior to working in law, I have had many years of interacting with clients and stakeholders in small and big business. I found that these skills were transferable as I was able to build relationships with clients quickly."

In your areas of practice, what would you say is a pressing issue in the law?

"The introduction of Anti Money Laundering legislation has presented significant change in how lawyers operate and incorporate these changes into practice, while balancing their client's needs. Other more recent examples are for people who have a Family trust and how these changes are to be interpreted. The law in general is rapidly evolving because of societal changes. So, interpreting, explaining, and guiding clients systemically through how the law affects them personally can be a challenging task."

Three Extremely Serious Questions for Sean

If you were trapped on a desert island with only one other member of HoHo for company, who would you pick and why?

"Julia Holden, I understand she is/was a stand-up comedian 😊 High value entertainment would help pass the time."

Out of China, Hong Kong, South East Asia and Europe – which place had the best food?

"Italy the coffee, the pizza and Florentine Steak is the best"

All the money you could ever use or want for the rest of your life, but every 15 years you have to go back in time and re-live middle school (years 7 and 8) again – do you do it?

"Absolutely, I would, as with what I know now I would be dangerous. Plus, it would be like a holiday!"

Interviewed by Julia Holden (Litigation Junior)